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Ordering Urgent Prescriptions

Increased pressure on the medication supply chain means that the repeat prescription process is taking FIVE CLEAR WORKING DAYS. All practices and pharmacies locally will supply the usual quantity of medication only. The medication supply chain is robust but overwhelming upfront demand will create supply issues.

Requests for prescriptions outside the normal prescription protocol impacts significantly on both doctor and administration staff time.

If you ask for an urgent repeat prescription, you will need to give the reason for your request. You may also be required to contact the police, in some cases, if the medication has been lost and it is a controlled drug and also provide a crime number.

The majority of hospital prescriptions are non-urgent and will also be processed through the normal prescription process.

Many medications can safely be missed for a few days. We will not issue urgent prescriptions for items that can be bought over the counter or for non-essential medication and you may be informed that your medication will be processed following the normal repeat prescription process. If your medication cannot be missed, the item will be issued as required. All urgent repeat prescriptions MUST be collected in person from the surgery.

Please make sure you request any medication before you run out: prescriptions take FIVE working days to process. The practice can now electronically send most prescriptions direct to a pharmacy of your choice. Contact reception or ask your regular Pharmacy to nominate you for this service and each time you request a repeat prescription, your script will be electronically sent to your nominated pharmacy, ready for you to pick up or even delivered (if available). You can also order your repeat prescription on-line, any time day or night, if you register for our online service.

Please note that Electronic prescriptions still require five working days to be processed.

Medication that will not be issued urgently

  • Anything that can be purchased over the counter
  • e.g. Paracetanol, creams, emollients, ibuprofen, low dose co-codamol
  • Vitamins e.g. B12, folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, iron
  • Eye drops
  • Oral contraceptive
  • Antidepressants
  • Statins
  • Erectile Dysfunction drugs
  • Levothyroxine
  • Sleeping tablets