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Request Repeat Medication

Patient Notice – Change of Repeat Prescription Process Times

Increased pressure on the medication supply chain means that the repeat prescription process is taking FIVE CLEAR WORKING DAYS. All practices and pharmacies locally will supply the usual quantity of medication only. The medication supply chain is robust but overwhelming upfront demand will create supply issues.

Patient Notice

Following advice from the General Medical Council (GMC), the British Medical Association (BMA) and local pharmacists a maximum of 28 days supply of drugs will be prescribed at any one time. If you pay for your medication and this affects you then alternative payment methods exist. Please enquire at the dispensary for further information.

Dispensary Opening Hours

The dispensary is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 6.00pm and is situated adjacent to the reception desk in the main waiting area.

Riverside Dispensary

Our team of five fully qualified dispensary assistants, supervised by a Pharmacist and fully supported by all of our GPs, are available at all times to offer a wide range of professional and beneficial services to our registered dispensing patients. We can also provide a dispensing service to any registered patient living more than one mile from their nearest pharmacy. The services we provide include:

  • A drug review of prescribed medication to help identify and clarify any issues or questions patients may have about taking their medicines.
  • A FREE medication delivery service.
  • The provision of FREE weekly prepared monitored dosage systems to aid patients by reducing confusion over the timing of tablet taking.

Order Repeat Prescriptions

Patients who are on long term medication and require regular repeat prescriptions can request these by:

  • Registering for Patient Access by following the link on the home page for online repeat prescription ordering.
  • Completing and posting the repeat slip to the surgery.
  • Attending the surgery in person.
  • Using a local pharmacy to order and collect prescription requests (this will require the addition of a FURTHER 2 CLEAR WEEK DAYS when making a collection from the pharmacy).

For patient safety reasons we no longer accept orders for repeat prescriptions over the telephone.

All long term repeat medication is authorised by the doctor who may, occasionally, wish to review a patient’s medication. Notice of this will be brought to the patient’s attention via their repeat prescription slip.

Re-authorisation of prescriptions by the doctor requires at least FIVE clear week days between request and collection (please allow extra time if ordering over Bank Holidays).

Any prescription request made after 12.00pm may require a further 24 hours notice before collection can be made.

Any medication required more urgently i.e. less than FIVE clear week days would require the patient to attend the surgery in person to make their request.

Free Delivery Service

Please note that the surgery provides a FREE medication delivery service to our registered dispensing patients. Any eligible patient requiring their medication to be delivered should select either the appropriate option on the online repeat prescription form or highlight their preference on the repeat prescription slip .

Prescription Charges

NHS English Prescription Charge is:

£9.15 from 1st April 2020
For each medicine or appliance supplied

Prescriptions are FREE for any patient who is:

  • Under 16 years old.
  • Aged 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education.
  • 60 years of age or over.
  • Named on a current HC2 charges certificate.
  • Named on a working tax credit NHS exemption certificate.
  • Named on a child tax credit NHS exemption certificate.
  • Prescriptions are FREE for a patient who has:
      • A valid cancer patient exemption certificate.
      • A valid maternity exemption certificate.
      • A valid medical exemption certificate.
      • A valid prescription prepayment certificate*.
      • A valid war pension exemption certificate.
      • A valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate.
      • Been prescribed free-of-charge contraceptives.
      • Prescriptions are FREE for a patient who receives:
        • Income support.
        • Income-based jobseeker’s allowance tax credit**.
        • Minimum income guarantee and pension credit guarantee credit.

        Single prescription items cost £9.15 but some items such as Compression hosiery, hormone replacement tablets and smoking cessation products may incur more than one charge. Please ask at the dispensary if you would like further information.

        *Prescription prepayment certificates cost £29.65 for 3 months and £105.90 for 12 months. Please ask for a FP95 form from the dispensary.

        **Certain criteria applies

        The prescription charge is a contribution to the NHS.
        It is NOT a payment to the Practice.
        It bears no relationship to the cost of the item .