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Obtain Test Results


It is important that you contact the Surgery for your test results if you have had a urine or blood test, x-ray or other investigation.

All specimens should be clearly labelled and handed in to reception by 11.00am to avoid missing the daily transportation to the laboratories in Cheltenham or Worcester.

The surgery asks that patients ensure ALL specimens are labelled correctly before handing them in to reception.

Warfarin monitoring is carried out in the surgery by one of our highly trained team of Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants.

To obtain the results of your test please call the main surgery number on:

Evesham (01386) 444400 

You are able to request results over the telephone until 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Your details will be taken and you will receive a call back between 2pm & 5pm

The results line is open:

Monday to Friday from 2pm until 5pm.

You will need to know the specific test results that you require as some tests take longer than others to process.  If you have had several tests the receptionist will not necessarily know whether all the results are back unless you can identify them.  Most results are available over the telephone, but you may be asked to make an appointment with the Doctor to discuss the results in person.  All test results are seen by a Doctor.

When you need a Fasting Blood Test; nil by mouth should be taken for 14 hours before the test.  You may drink water.  If you do not follow this instruction, your blood sample may be invalid.

Please note that, for reasons of confidentiality, results will only be given to the patient concerned unless that person has given prior permission in writing for the release of this data.


If you are asked to bring a sample to the Surgery, please let us have it by 11.00am for delivery to the lab.  Containers can be obtained from the Reception and must be clearly labelled and lids tightly secured before they are handed in.

Samples are sent away for analysis and results can take varying lengths of time to come back to the Surgery and are processed as follows:  

  • Blood and urine tests – 7 working days
  • Cervical smears – 6 weeks
  • X-rays – 2-3 weeks.